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“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” Shanthi Bhavan is looking for likeminded people who are ready to volunteer for our palliative care activities. We believe that a willingness to help other people without expecting anything in return is all that a palliative care volunteer needs. At the same time, a bit of practical knowledge or domain expertise won’t do any harm. Do you believe that you have an open heart towards the ailing? Do you consider yourself capable of completing the responsibilities entrusted with you? Do you believe that you have the qualities to join our movement? We would love to get you on board.  

A volunteer at palliative care is not just a professional doing his acquired skills. Age is just a number for those who wish to do palliative services. Youth, adult, professionals, homemakers, veterans can all be a part of our Palliative care activities. While volunteering your time is the first and east way to get started, there are other options too; Share your expertise, sponsor a patient, donate for charity, rehabilitate the homeless, participate in community-based programs in rural areas, raise awareness about palliative care, and participate in fund raising initiatives and so on. 

There are many things in life that money cannot buy. You cannot replace experience with wealth. Being a part of palliative care activities is one such great experience and a noble act. Volunteer to become a part of Shanthi Bhavan’s Palliative care activities and earn some good memories, great experiences and whole-hearted smiles that nothing else can offer. Join today and let’s lead humanity together to a painless future. 

Ready to do something wonderful in life?

Your contributions, big or small, is about to bring joy and relief to thousands of human beings. Be with us in this journey and let us do great things together.

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Are you ready to volunteer?

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