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Celebrations have become an integral part of our day to day lives. We celebrate love. We celebrate victory. We celebrate special days. We celebrate change. Celebrations have become so frequent and common that we sometimes forget to see the real meaning behind them. Still, we spend our time and money on celebrations. What good are they if celebrations are not celebrated in the right sense? 

So, isn’t it obvious that a change is necessary? Can we think about making our celebrations the cause of happiness for someone else? Yes, we can. Thousands of people, at home as well as hospitals, suffer from various chronic diseases and life threatening situations. What if we can bring a ray of happiness, a pale yet curing smile to their faces? Why can’t we celebrate our special moments at a palliative centre? 

Let it be a birthday, an anniversary or a success celebration, it can have a great impact if you can celebrate it with the inmates of Shanthi Bhavan. You can cut a cake, sing a song, dance a little bit, have a great meal; all of it with the poor and suffering people at our center, converting their hardships to joy at least for a few moments. Hosting your celebrations at a palliative care center will be a great learning experience for your kids as well. 

We can join our hands together to celebrate your great achievements with those suffering lives to gift them a moment worth to cherish till the end. A day or night celebration with them can at times do miracles or can be the best moments of their suffering life. All you have to do is give us a call in advance and we will let you know everything to make the celebration a success. 

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