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Shanti Bhavan Palliative Care Centre initiated free food campaign for all those patients. We focused on various activities like palliative care for the bed ridden and elderly, free dialysis treatment for the poor, free ambulance service, etc

As per the Global Hunger Index (2021) published by Concern Worldwide and Welthungerhilfe, India has ranked 101 from 116 countries worldwide, slipping from its previous position of 94. Also,as per the Food and Agricultural Organization the food price index has gone up by 30% in the year 2021-22. The increasing cases of food insecurity is disturbing the total equilibrium of the society as a whole. Each day millions of toddlers, children, men, women and elderly die because of some form of hunger and malnutrition. This has to be addressed. If this needs to stop, we should feed the oppressed individuals around us who are wandering around with empty or half-full bellies. 


Our institution Shanti Bhavan Palliative Care Centre located in Thrissur, Kerala is focused on various activities like palliative care for the bed ridden and elderly, free dialysis treatment for the poor, free ambulance service, etc. In addition to all these, we are also engaged in food donation to the one in need. We have launched our new program called the Free Food Campaign which is focused on providing meals to all those patients who are with us. These patients are bedridden, elderly and have been in a long struggle with their life. This campaign was launched on June 15, 2020 and so far many people have lent their hand in this program’s journey. 


You can happily celebrate your birthdays, anniversaries, baptism ceremonies, housewarming celebrations etc with us. When you celebrate with us, you feed many souls. With this, you are not only sharing a part of your meal with them, but also a part of your life. With each celebration of love, victory, and happiness, you have the opportunity to serve meals in exchange for many smiling and cheerful faces. In this world of misery and suffering, what more can you ask for? Even though the pandemic era was hard for us, we did survive through all of those hardships.There was not a single day that went by without free food. Many kind people like you have helped us satiate our hunger. 


So, what should you do to share your happiness with us? The steps are so very simple. Prior to the pandemic, small public gatherings were permitted for celebrations. However, during the pandemic and now, only small gatherings are permitted. You can either come and celebrate your joy with us along with your friends and relatives or you can pay a fixed amount in advance, by letting us know the estimated date of celebration so that we can provide the food on that same date. You can pay using our website's payment gateway. 


You are not only performing a charity act, but you are also providing an opportunity to experience a unique form of enjoyment. This way you teach your children how much you appreciate the value of humanity and lets them know the spirit of sharing and caring. By lending your support hand, you let them know that someone out there is always with them. This gives them the spirit to live, even though they are passing through their toughest times. 


Let’s make this world a place of love, happiness and caring. 


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