Shanthibhavan Palliative Hospital - The First Palliative Hospital in India

Shanthi Bhavan - A Hospital Dedicated To Providing Medical Aid To The Needy

Shanthi Bhavan Palliative care centre offer an additional layer of support provides palliative care Free Dialysis Service, Physiotherapy unit, Early Cancer Detection Institute, Free Ambulance Service, Mobile Freezer, Free food donation.

Shanthi Bhavan - A Hospital Dedicated To Providing Medical Aid To The Needy


Palliative care aims to make people with life-threatening illnesses feel better. It reduces or eliminates disease and treatment-related adverse effects and symptoms. Palliative care also addresses other issues that illnesses may raise on an emotional, social, practical, and spiritual level. A person's quality of life is enhanced when they feel better in these areas.


A specifically trained group of physicians, nurses, and other professionals who collaborate with a patient's medical clinicians to offer an additional layer of support provides palliative care. Palliative care is based on the patient's needs rather than their prognosis.


The first hospital in India without bill and pay counters is Shanthi Bhavan Palliative Hospital, which treats palliative patients who are immobile.The bedridden patients in the palliative hospital or at home are always willing to receive assistance from a team of skilled physicians, nurses, priests, nuns, and volunteers. Shanthi Bhavan Palliative Hospital's professional palliative team presently serves bedridden patients in Thrissur at various locations across the district. All bedridden patients in the district who register their names in the hospital records are given emergency home care here. 49 beds are available in this exclusive hospital for palliative patients who are bedridden. We provide a support system and combine psychological and spiritual facets of care to assist people to live as fully as they can till death. We guarantee that the family will have support to aid them through a person's treatment and a loss. We have a capable team to meet the demands of the bedridden person, which will be a huge help to their relatives.


We have Free Dialysis Service, Physiotherapy unit , Early Cancer Detection Institute,

Free Ambulance Service, Mobile Freezer ,Casualty with fully equipped ICU, centralized oxygen system, ventilator facility and all other emergency care.


Free Dialysis Service


Currently, 3 dialysis machines have been set up to provide dialysis to 12 patients per day, or 240 dialysis each month. The patients will be transported by vehicle from their homes to the palliative hospital and vice versa. We have enough nurse staff, nephrologists, and technicians to offer free dialysis.


Early Cancer Detection Institute

On the basis of Panchayat/Municipality/Corporation limits, Early Medical Detection Camps are held for the general public. Through these detection camps, campers can get free blood and urine testing. Using ultra-modern medical equipment, diseases that affect women, such as breast cancer, uterine cancer, and thyroid cancer, are detected and treated.


Mobile Freezer

People may use the mobile freezer service in a specific area surrounding Shanthi Bhavan Palliative Hospital and nearby Abhayam Palliative Care link centres within different panchayath borders.

Our revenue does not come from our services; it exclusively comes from donations. In order to realize our goal of becoming a general hospital and serve the needs of everyone in the area, we are appealing for public support. Everyone is welcome to visit and support our new projects now that we have opened our doors to the public. At Shanthi Bhavan, we appeal to humanity to serve humanity regardless of religious, societal and economic boundaries. 

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