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Emergency Care Device

The ECS or Emergency Control System is an integration of certain special devices with an automation system designed for emergency care for the sick, the disabled, and the elder people who live alone or in groups or elsewhere as you may know, the security of each family can be ensured by ensuring the safety of each individual. This system has a device that could be worn around the neck like a pendant or on the wrist like a watch that can be used to speak to the emergency control room of Shanthibhavan Palliative Hospital at the press of a button to seek help in an emergency or to get Ambulance service on time. The call will be connected through a Mobile App to your existing Android smartphone or through a dedicated gateway device. These devices could send the GPS location of the patient in real-time.

The base model of ECS is a wearable device with an SOS button to seek the help from the control room to get emergency services through a Mobile App installed in an Android Smartphone.  

The intermediary model has the features of the base model and is equipped with sensors to read the user's pulse, heartbeat, temperature, oxygen level and can invoke an auto alert to the control room and designated respondents in case of any abnormalities. 

The most high-end model is a combination of either the base model or the intermediary model with a communication Gateway device within a range of 50 meters. It could be connected to a number of external sensors such as Bathroom Fall Sensors, Intrusion Sensors, Fire/ Smoke Detector, Movement Detector and many more. This model uses artificial intelligence with detections from the sensors to alert the emergency control room and to the respondents and relatives enrolled. 

An intelligent cloud call architecture is used to communicate to the control room to avail the emergency services. It acts as a hotline connectivity to Shanthibhavan Palliative Hospital. Moreover, the facility of the emergency control system introduced by Shanthibhavan Palliative Hospital for personal safety has not been made available to the public even in European countries. These systems are currently used in European countries for people suffering from terminal illness and disabilities.

eCommerce Product List

ECD Lite


eCommerce Product List

ECD Standard


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1 Latest Bluetooth Technology BLE
2 Simultaneous calling
3 Convertible to Pendent and Wrist Band watch
4 Uses low power components for longer battery life
5 Scalability to add sensors that checks many body vitals
6 Technology integrated to ensure alert if accidently removed off hand
7 Mobility
8 Scalability to add sensors and GPS
9 Built in Sensors
10 Connects to existing smartphone to communicate using a proprietary application
11 ELDINK Pro Gateway for communication
12 WiFi Connectivity
13 Can be upgraded to connect to ELDINK Pro Gateway for communication
14 Sensor to detect body temperature
15 Sensor for measure heartbeat
16 Sensor to measure pulse
17 Sensor to measure Oxygen Level
18 Sensor to detect fall while wearing the sensor
19 Sensor to detect bathroom fall when wearable is removed
20 STL-BV - Bathroom Sensor
21 STL -AV - AI Behaviour Analysis
22 STL-GV-F - Fire Detection
23 STL-GV-I - Intrusion / Presence Sensor
24 STL-GV-M – Movement Detection
25 AI based BP Apparatus
26 Respiration Sensors
27 ECG – Pen
28 Option connectivity to ELDLINK Integrator
29 Integration option to PIR sensors

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