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Devadeyam Elder Village

Devadeyam Elder Village

Devadeyam is a modern residential concept for those who want to live a stress-free life with complete assisted medical services. Free palliative care assures for bedridden patients and special care for senior citizens.

Devadeyam Elder Village. Phase III.

Pallissery, Thrissur, Kerala.

Devadeyam Phase 3 is an elder village designed for seniors seeking assisted living with luxurious facilities. This residential community provides a comfortable and safe environment for elders to age in place with dignity. The village is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to cater to the needs of its residents, making it a unique and desirable place to live.
One of the key features of Devadeyam Phase 3 is its star facilities. It has separate swimming pools for gents, ladies, and kids, a multi-cuisine restaurant, a workout area, and a rock garden. The village also has a music fountain that provides a tranquil and serene atmosphere for its residents.
In addition to these recreational facilities, Devadeyam Phase 3 also offers several medical assistance services. The village provides free palliative care, palliative hospital support, and physiotherapy and dialysis service. This is a great advantage for elders who require medical attention on a regular basis. The village also has a vehicle facility with a tracking system that helps residents to stay connected and informed about their vehicles.
Another important feature of Devadeyam Phase 3 is its walkway, which provides residents with a safe and convenient path for their daily activities. Also has commercial stores and a commercial workstation with internet access, making it easier for residents to access the things they need. There is also an open live restaurant that serves delicious food to its residents.
In addition to these facilities, Devadeyam Phase 3 also has two unique and innovative features. The first is its hitech fully automated laboratory, early medical and cancer detection institute, which provides residents with advanced medical testing and analysis services. The second is its pharmacy, which operates on a non-profit basis and provides residents with affordable access to medications and other essential health products.
This is a remarkable assisted living village for elders that provides luxurious facilities and services that cater to their physical, mental, and social well-being. With its unique features and state-of-the-art facilities, and provides a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable living experience for seniors.


Devadeyam Elder Village Phase IV Villa Project, Elthuruth Thrissur
- A Hi-Tech Villa Project for Tension-Free Living -

Devadeyam Elder Village is a unique villa project designed to offer a comfortable and secure living environment for seniors. Unlike traditional old-age homes, Devadeyam Elder Village allows elders to either buy or lease a residence, providing them with a sense of ownership and independence. The villa project boasts the latest in technology and amenities, ensuring a stress-free living experience for its residents.
The fourth phase of Devadeyam Elder Village includes a range of highlights, such as a free palliative hospital service, a centralized non-profit laboratory and pharmacy, and a centralized kitchen. Residents can also enjoy amenities like an open-air theatre, a walkway, a club house with indoor games, a swimming pool, and a centralized laundry. Additionally, 24/7 emergency home care and vehicle support with tracking are provided, along with an emergency control room service and a commercial store stocking groceries, fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish.
The palliative care services at Devadeyam Elder Village offer comprehensive medical and emotional support to elders, ensuring their health and well-being are taken care of. The centralized laboratory and pharmacy provide convenient access to essential medical services, while the centralized kitchen serves wholesome and nutritious meals to residents.
The open-air theatre, club house with indoor games, and swimming pool offer opportunities for residents to stay active and engage in social activities. The walkway and bystander services provide a secure environment for elders to take a walk or enjoy the fresh air. The centralized laundry and emergency home care services ensure residents have access to essential services, and the vehicle support with tracking provides peace of mind and security.
Devadeyam Elder Village is a modern villa project that provides seniors with a comfortable and secure living environment. With its cutting-edge technology and ample amenities, offers a tension-free living experience for its residents. If you're looking for a place to call home or simply a comfortable place to live, Devadeyam Elder Village is the perfect choice.


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