Shanthibhavan Palliative Hospital - The First Palliative Hospital in India
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Shanthibhavan plans to open a free Palliative Hospital with 100 beds at Thiruvandhapuram, need your financial support to make it a reality.

Serving mankind with love and care, Shanthibhavan has become a model for the rest of the world to follow in providing palliative care and support to those who are suffering from deadly diseases. Shanthibhvan Palliative Hospital, a unique hospital in India that specializes in empathy, mercy, and caring for bedridden patients; plans to open a free palliative hospital at Vattavada, in Thiruvananthapuram district. Patient admission, palliative care, medicine, and food are provided free of cost. We are proud to provide relief and support for patients suffering from deadly diseases and those sent back from hospitals.  This hospital is dedicated to the wellness and care of the deprived in society and provides palliative home care on a regular basis by visiting their homes. A 24x7 emergency home care is also available from the hospital. Patients, who dont get enough relief from home care, are brought to the hospital in its ambulance and provide better palliative care with the support of mode
medical equipment. The intensive care unit with a ventilator facility is always ready to handle any type of critical emergency. Shanthibhavans free dialysis service is a blessing for poor kidney patients. The physiotherapy division offers exclusive caring for the patients who are paralyzed by accident or brain stroke. It enables the bedridden patients to sit, stand, walk and get into the vehicle through systematic training sessions and free fluid tapping facilities for liver cirrhosis patients too. We are introducing the same service at Thiruvananthapuram and need kindhearted people’s financial support to meet thismode
equipment. We are expecting your full-hearted support for this noble initiative. 

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