Shanthibhavan Palliative Hospital enters into 3rd age

പല്ലിശ്ശേരി: ശാന്തിഭവൻ പല്ലിയേറ്റീവ് ഹോസ്പിറ്റൽ മൂന്നാം വയസ്സിലേക്ക്..!!

Dear Friend

Greetings from Shanthibhavan Palliative Hospital..!

Shanthibhavan Palliative Hospital, India's first palliative hospital enters the age of third. The annual function will be held on 29th December, 2018 - Saturday evening at 5 pm. The inauguration of 5 new projects will also be carried out on the same day. We are happy to invite you for the function.
The hospital is located at Pallissery near Arattupuzha. Shanthibhavan,an provides free palliative care for the bedridden patients and for elders.the hospital is run by Franciscan Sisters of St.Clare congregation in association with Abhayam Palliative Care - an initiative of Thrissur Archdiocese and Pravasi Malayalee Federation.

There are 13 Regional Centers in the Thrissur and Ernakulam districts. All centers are working as a miniature form of palliative hospital. In addition to treatment. medicine, food for patients including for bystanders are totally free. Shanthibhavan Palliative Ilospital extended iis support for more than 2500 patients till date. In addition to palliative care for bedridden patients, Shanthibhavan assures free dialysis for kidney patients and free fluid tapping for liver cirrhosis. The centralized oxygen systemVentilator, ICU, Ultrasound scan, Ambulance, mobile freezer etc are other free services of this

Once again, I invite you to our Shanthibhavan Palliative Hospital. Thanking you.



Fr.Joy Koothur

CEO, Shanthibhavan palliative Hospital

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